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The Muslim Entrepreneur: Where Faiths Meets Entrepreneurship

Speaker: Sharif H Banna

*Sharif H Banna, MBE is a scholar, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is President of Sycamore Foundation for Global Leadership, CEO of Awakening Media Group and Visiting Lecturer at Oxford University.

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23 November 6:30 pm

Boğaziçi University İbrahim Bodur Oditorium

This is an exclusive seminar on Islam and Entrepreneurship. The seminar challenges misconceptions about Islam and wealth creation. Islam is not a faith of poverty but one which is pro-wealth and is entrepreneurial at core. Both the Islamic fatih and entrepreneurship aspire for audiences, success, impact and adding value to our lives. Faith provides an ethical framework and principles to entrepreneurial engagement. The seminar will explore the life of Prophet Muhammad (s) as an entrepreneur and share insights into his entrepreneurial traits, strategies and approaches and contextualise them for modern times. Based on the seminal work of Stanford University psychologist Carol S. Dweck PhD, the course will also shed light on the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ and what it takes to be successful yet remain deeply ethical and principled in a VUCA world.

The Muslim Entrepreneur: Where Faith Meets Entrepreneurship is delivered by a scholar who has taught at Oxford University and who is also a global award winning entrepreneur having co-founded a multi-national faith inspired global brand with presence in over 120 countries.

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